In 1999 we acquired Hacienda Adelphia in Maricao, Puerto Rico. A coffee "Hacienda" for the last 100 years but abandoned since 1978. There we met the Justiniano family, coffee growers born and raised in the area. In our first visit they offered us a cup of black coffee, which we cautiously accepted because of its strong appearance.
To our surprise it was excellent coffee,we immediately recognized that we have found a gem hidden among the mountains of Puerto Rico.

Before our first visit to Maricao we used to hear tales about how good and appreciated Puerto Rico's coffee was in the 19th century, later it came to my attention that the coffee so much appreciated used to be grown in a area called Bucarabones in the city of Maricao, specifically from farms where Hacienda Adelphia is located nowadays.

Since 1998, Carlos Justiniano has restored the Hacienda Adelphia to be a producer of top quality specialty coffee using traditional methods and the finest arabica trees. We decided to produce a limited amount of coffee but it had to be an excellent one, not for the casual coffee drinker but for the serious coffee drinker who can appreciate an excellent coffee.

Our Sales Team

Javier Maldonado - Since 2002 he has designed our products and marketing strategy to position Offeecay as the best quality coffee for our selected customers. Currently Javier is our Sales and Marketing Vice President.

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